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ProMachine, Inc. was founded in 2001 as a design engineering firm focused on the mobile equipment industry. The requirement from the beginning was to comprise a team of past OEM Engineers, Designers, Prototyping and Testing Technicians that have first-hand experience in the complete product development process. This was a successful approach and continues to be a requirement today.

Through time and various projects, it became clear that there was a need to expand our services beyond design to include building the prototypes and testing what we had designed and built.

In 2002 we added prototyping services to include everything from piece parts to full scale machinery. By 2004 ProMachine had acquired the data acquisition equipment and ability to provide testing services to gather strain gauge, pressure, acceleration, flow, position, GPS, and CANbus data. Finite Element Analysis was also added to augment the design process and provide a solid guide for data collection.

Then in 2005, we continued to expand by adding cooling system performance testing. A 40-channel Fluke data acquisition system along with an 800 Hp/2000 ft-lb water brake dynamometer was purchased and put to good use performing in-vehicle, Tier III, engine cooling system performance tests and installation audits.

The latest addition to our testing services was made in 2007 with the acquisition of a 75 Hp/45 gpm/5000 psi hydraulic power unit equipped with an 8-channel expandable PLC. This enabled us to perform fatigue testing on hydraulic motors, pumps, cylinders, valves and complete hydraulic systems.

Today, with this accumulated experience and capability, we provide world-class engineering solutions and finish the job by prototyping and testing the designs. ProMachine can solve existing field issues, create new options for existing products, undertake ground-up design/proto/test programs of complete vehicles, and provide independent testing services. Cost control, both in the services we provide and the products we design, is always our priority.