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Testing Services


ProMachine offers three main types of testing services which allow us to help you prove concepts and test quality.

SOMAT/eDAQ Series - ProMachine utilizes the SOMAT/eDAQ Series of data acquisition products to validate structural integrity as well as to ensure product performance meets or exceeds the customer’s specifications and expectations.

Cooling System Performance Tests - We can perform the Installation Audits and Limiting Ambient Capability, that engine manufacturers require, right here at our facility. We use our 800 Hp water-brake dynamometer and Fluke Data Acquisition system to complete those tests per the engine manufacturer’s requirements.

Hydraulic Component Testing - ProMachine offers Hydraulic Component Testing of motors, pumps, cylinders, valves and complete systems. If you trying to introduce unproven hydraulic components into your production because of cost reduction or other reasons ProMachine is able to help reduce the risk to you!

Customer Testimonial

"The engine certification performed by ProMachine on the Redball 7830 was effortless for me. The machine was instrumented and ready to go when I arrived at ProMachine. After a day of dyno runs it was necessary to make some slight changes to the 7830. We were able to see exactly what modifications were needed, due in large part to the depth of experience of Jim Prohaska and Denny Burgoyne."

- Brian Nelson, Project Engineer, Redball Products